Infralight Ceiling Heating


  • Space-saving as a complete replacement of the conventional-standing heater
  • Energy saving
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Multi-functional and most modern / compact design
  • Healthy and friendly towards asthmatics and environmentally friendly product – (no CO2)
  • Lighting with LED spots
  • Indirect individually adjustable colored mood lighting
  • Modern technology (with / without LED spots)
  • Cheap cost (heating with direct / indirect lighting)
  • No maintenance
  • “Lifetime” warranty (10years) for heating element

Infralight ceiling heating with LED spotlights and colored indirect lighting is the innovative, decorative, space-saving and cost-effective solution for your home.


The infralight ceiling heating has a total height of 6 cm and a weight of max. 27kg (IFL560 / S5), slips easily into any room attached to the ceiling and connect to the existing electrical system. The ceiling heating is now fully operational.


Infralight means warmth with emotion – quickly and easily with energy saving effect! Soothing heat radiation from the ceiling, floor and walls creates an instantly noticeable room atmosphere. In the supernatant is an indirect, power-saving ambient lighting. The adjustable colored indirect lighting enhances any desired scene at your fingertips. Heat waves like the sun with low lead time are within your grasp. Upon request you can supplement or replace LED spot the existing lighting.


The infralight ceiling heating offers previously unknown cozy warmth at low energy costs. The infrared heating can create quick pleasurable spa heat. The heat waves are available with less lead time. That’s a big advantage on cooler summer evenings, because most of the usual heating is off completely during summer. Infralight systems are economical and environmentally friendly, they produce no direct exhaust emissions and consume no oxygen!


Infrared rays are perfect for keeping walls dry and prevent mold growth. Infrared rays have the property of not heating the air first, but all the bodies in the room, so the residents, the furniture and the walls. These reflect back the heat and provide a comfortable and balanced room temperature. Therefore, the measured air temperature in the room may be lower, but the perceived (felt) heat is usually around 2 – 3°C higher, which in turn saves energy! Nearby an infrared heater you can feel the warmth immediately, just like a tiled stove.


Infralight is an intelligent heating system that creates atmosphere. A full montage includes the heating element with low voltage transformer, connecting cables, on / off power switch and thermostat with remote control, for easy installation and optimal function.


Depending on requirements, infralight systems can be individually controlled via a central remote control or through Wi-Fi and connecting to PC, tablet or mobile phone.