Thermodyn “Air” Sail – “We are sailing with you into the future”

Thermodyn “Air” Sail – the ingenious solution for good indoor climate

The simplified mode of action can be described as follows. A vertical surface in the space area (the “air” sail) is sprayed with water and cooled. Over the smooth surface flows a cold water film. This cold water film is in direct contact with the air of the room, while the passing air is cooled and the air temperature in the room is thereby slightly lowered.


Air Conditioning – Cooling

The operating principle of the conventional air-conditioning systems is that the room air is sucked, cooled, and then is conveyed back into the room by a fan.

This process has fundamental disadvantages:

  • noise pollution
  • sore eyes
  • dust swirls
  • poor tolerance
  • cold symptoms
  • wasted energy – high electricity costs

Thermodyn “Air” Sail

The ingenious solution for healthy and energy reducing climate has already been successfully installed in various homes, offices, clinics, workshops, etc. The pictures show clearly how the Thermodyn “Air” Sail will also adjust the room’s layout and room sizes ideally so all requirements for best air conditioning performance are met.


Light glare and clarity are also given, as well as incorporating the sail with a logo, image or slogan can add to the corporate design, giving it an unmistakable and original touch. The advantages include wellbeing and contribute a great deal to protect the environment.


  • Health-friendly, pleasant indoor climate (air cleaning)
  • No drafts, moving dust
  • No health risk (no cold air)
  • Cost less than conventional air conditioners
  • Easy to use
  • Decorative Interiors
  • Exciting lighting effects possible
  • Soft water noise
  • Suitable for retrofitting
  • Energy saving during operation