Energy efficiency with up to 15 percent less heating costs

With INFRA-Paint wall paint you can save up to 15 percent of your heating costs in buildings. The heating cost savings are scientifically proven.


Effect that pay off

INFRA-Paint – products are filled with special glass colors, so on the facade solar energy can penetrate deep into the wall. Internally it causes humidity to vanish because of increased wall temperature. So the paint acts outside in winter as a solar collector and on the inside like a fireplace. In the summer, cooling effects are achieved by inwardly evaporation processes.


Mold prevention and environmental improvement

By applying on the walls, you achieve, both in the exterior and interior, amazing results. So, with the special painting, the wall surface temperature can rise, which leads to savings in heating costs and also significantly contribute to the solution of mold growth.


Save energy and feel good without toxins

INFRA-Paint is an absolute high-tech product, yet contains no environmentally hazardous toxins. The coveted Eco label UZ17 was awarded by the Ministry of Environment in Austria.


User benefits

For consumers, the benefits are the longer renovation intervals and in the predictable heating cost savings.

Inside, the mold growth prevention and the improved comfort are additionally available through an improved indoor climate.


Simple application

INFRA-Paint can be applied without any problem by brushing, rolling or spraying.


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